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TitleDeeds and Papers relating to the Langley Park Estate and other Estates of the Harvey family in Buckinghamshire, Ireland and elsewhere
DescriptionRobert Bateson, who purchased the Langley Park estate in 1788, was a member of an Irish family holding estates in counties Donegal and Antrim. In 1788 he changed his name to Harvey on inheriting the property of his uncle, David Harvey, of Middlesex, and in the following year was granted a baronetcy which, unusually, was not to descend to his son (see no. 77); a second Harvey baronetcy was created in 1868. After his death the estate descended in turn to his son Robert Harvey (1791-1863), his grandson Sir Robert Bateson Harvey, Bart. (1825-1887) and his great-grandson Sir Robert Grenville Harvey, Baronet (1856-1931). Following the death of the latter's widow in 1935 the property was acquired by the Buckinghamshire County Council.

These documents were discovered by a member of staff of the County Valuer and Land Agent's Department in a concealed wall safe in the entrance hall at Langley Park in July 1982. They consist principally of estate deeds and papers for the Langley Park estate and for the Harvey family's Irish estate in county Antrim, and diaries and other miscellaneous personal papers of Sir Robert Bateson Harvey, Baronet (died 1824). The Buckinghamshire deeds refer to the purchase of the estate from the Duke of Marlborough in 1788 and to properties added to the estate between 1788 and 1867. In the published return of owners of land in Buckinghamshire of 1874 the total area is given as 2014 acres.

Unless otherwise stated, the documents have been listed in bundles as found. Many of the bundles of title deeds have numbered parchment labels and these are indicated in round brackets in the list. They correspond to an `index' (no. 75) with the records which also refers to other deeds, now missing. Many of the estate papers are in a confused state. In one or two cases there is evidence of previously existing bundles having been disturbed, but several clearly original bundles (eg 73, 74) are also somewhat unsystematic in their arrangement. The papers include several rent rolls (64, 73) and vouchers for estate and household expenses (49, 58). There are also some interesting papers referring to the Great Western railway (70).


Title Deeds
1-4 Whole Langley estate, 1738-1811
5-20 Langley Marish, 1609-1867
21-29 Iver, 1689-1865
30-31 Wexham, 1859-1885
32 Wexham and Upton, 1635-1812
33-34 Upton-cum-Chalvey, 1797-1860
35 Eton and Burnham, with parishes in Berkshire, 1792
36-37 Berkshire, 1687-1813
38 Somerset, 1701-1755

39-42 Family settlements, etc. 1765-1865

43-75 Estate Papers, including leases and correspondence (mainly 1788-1866), 1654, 1786-1866

Personal and Miscellaneous
76 Diaries of Sir Robert Bateson Harvey, Baronet, 1799-1822
77-90 Other papers, 1777-1840

Irish Estate
91-107 Deeds and papers, 1667-1859
Date1609 - 1866
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