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Ref NoD 148
TitleDeeds and papers of the White family estate, including court rolls of the manor of Bledlow (Corhams), and property in Bledlow, Saunderton and Princes Risborough
DescriptionThere are two parts to this collection, firstly the court records and deeds of the manor of Bledlow (formerly Corhams), which was purchased in 1826 by Luke Leake, and secondly the documents relating to the estate which Henry Williams, papermaker, built up from the 1790s. Williams' estate was split up within two decades of its creation, the papermaking business (which comprised two papermaking mills, one at Saunderton and the other at Bledlow) was sold to the wholesale stationers Magnay and Pickering in 1820, and the rest of the estate was mortgaged and then sold to William Morten in 1821. On Morten's death in 1829 his estate was administered by trustees. Robert White presumably purchased both the manor and the property once owned by Morten, but the relevant deeds are not in the collection.

In the following list Corhams manor is used for the manor of Bledlow (formerly Corhams) following the practice of the Victoria County History (see Volume II pages 247-250) and to avoid confusion with the main manor of Bledlow, known as Bledlow Manor (for which a few copies also survive here). It is not clear whether all the Corhams manor copies relate to Mr. White's title, some may be steward's drafts and copies of documents relating to transactions within the manor, to which the lord of the manor may not have been a party.

Many documents in this collection have suffered badly from exposure to water prior to their deposit in this Office. Some are barely legible, and others, mostly twentieth century legal correspondence, were beyond repair and have been destroyed. There is also one box of uncatalogued material which awaits repair before it can be listed. When received the documents were very confused, the order created for this list is therefore artficial.

D 148/1 Court rolls and minute books including drafts
D 148/2 Quit rentals and related memoranda
D 148/3 Legal correspondence and documents relating to the management of the manor

Property purchased by Lovell Badcock
D 148/4 Corhams Manor
D 148/5 Hill Close in Bledlow

Property purchased by Henry Williams (1795-1807), with mortgages (1814-1821)
D 148/6 Property in Bledlow, Princes Risborough and Saunderton
D 148/7 Close of land in Saunderton
D 148/8 Various properties in Bledlow, including John Bigg's cottage
D 148/9 Property in Bledlow
D 148/10 Property in Bledlow
D 148/11 Two closes in Saunderton called Germanys and other property in Bledlow
D 148/12 Property in D 148/6-11 and copyhold land in D 148/14-17
D 148/13 Sale of paper making business in Bledlow and Saunderton by Henry Williams in 1820.

Copyhold Property: Corhams manor
D 148/14 Statement showing copyhold lands of the manor and unidentified parcels.
D 148/15 Close called Stonars
D 148/16 Close called Pimms
D 148/17 Copyhold allotment at Bledlow Ridge.
D 148/18 Cottage at Pitch Green.
D 148/19 Customary messuage and land.
D 148/20 Messuage at Pitch Green.
D 148/21 Close called Stonehouse or Steadfalls.

Copyhold Property: Bledlow manor
D 148/22 Henry William's cottage.
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