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Ref NoD-SB
TitlePapers of the Bernard family (also Bernard Morland or Spencer-Bernard) of Nether Winchendon House
DescriptionThese papers relate to the family and estate of the Bernard, later Bernard Morland then Spencer Bernard family of Nether Winchendon. The collection includes a varied range of documents such as estate deeds and papers, household accounts, family correspondence and official records. Most of the papers date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, although there are a few earlier items.

The estate eventually comprised land in Buckinghamshire, including Nether Winchendon, Kimble and Cuddington, and in other counties, including Hertfordshire and Warwickshire. Much of the property was inherited from the Tyringham family, who had inherited it from the Goodwin family, with other portions acquired at different dates by inheritance and marriage (see below for further details of the family history).


A Miscellaneous printed material, 18th cent - 20th cent
B Papers relating to the Rectory of Nether Winchendon, 1657-1712
C Deeds relating to property in Chearsley, Cuddington, Oakley,
Radnage, Shabbington and Winchendon, 1803-1870
D Deeds relating to property in Warwickshire, 1564-1699
E Correspondence relating to administration of estates, 18th cent - 19th cent
EM Estate plans, 18th cent - 19th cent
F Deeds relating to property in Cuddington and Haddenham, 1774-1775
G Court rolls and other records relating to the manor of Sarrett in
Hertfordshire, with some other property, 1308-1929
H Deeds relating to property in Cuddington, 1580-1919
J Deeds relating to the manor and other property in the parish of Nether
Winchendon, 1534-1921
K Deeds relating to property in Oxfordshire and Cuddington, 1773-1812
L Deeds relating to property in Chearsley, 1866-1925
M Miscellaneous papers
MP Plans, mostly of property in America and Canada, 18th cent - 19th cent
N Deeds relating to property in Ellesborough (including Chequers), 1700-1792
OE Official correspondence, 18th cent
OI Official correspondence relating to Ireland, 18th cent
OL Official correspondence relating to Buckinghamshire, 18th cent - 19th cent
OM Official correspondence relating to military matters, 18th cent - 19th cent
P Family correspondence, 18th cent - 20th cent
PFA Family accounts, 18th cent - 19th cent
PFB Correspondence about family affairs, 18th cent - 19th cent
PFC Papers relating to legal cases, 1790-1821
PFD Correspondence of bankers Messrs Ransom, Morland and Hammersley,
18th cent - 19th cent
PFE Papers relating to Parliamentary elections, 1784-1859
PFF Passports and other papers, 1738-1899
PFG Pedigrees and related papers, 18th cent - 19th cent
PFH Charities and Societies, 1789-1858
PFI Diaries, 1820-1889
PFJ Address books, 1838-1843
PFK Poetry, nd
PFL Recipes and household papers, 19th cent
Q Papers relating to manor of Nether Winchendon, 1530-1804, 1939
R Deeds relating to property in Somerset, 13th cent - 1686
S Deeds relating to property in Stogursey in Somerset, 1370-1469
ST Diary
T Deeds relating to property in Middlesex, 1760
U Items relating to property, 1690-1828
V Estate surveys and accounts, 1741-1825
ZA Papers relating to the Clifford Court Estate in Herefordshire, 1774-1816
ZE Deeds relating to property in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, 1781-1862
ZM Deeds relating to property in Kimble, 1690-1811
ZP Leases of property in London, 1784-1820
ZZ Miscellaneous
Date13th cent - 20th cent
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