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TitleRecords of the court of Quarter Sessions

Commissions of the Peace
County of Buckingham Q/CP
Borough of Buckingham Q/CP/B
Miscellanea Q/CP/C

Qualifications of Justices Q/JQc
Presentments QS/P
Returns of Committals QS/Rc
Insolvent debtors papers Q/SD

Treasurer's records
Rolls Q/FR
Vouchers Q/FRx
Abstracts of account Q/FA
Treasurer's account books Q/FB
Cash books Q/FBc
Miscellaneous account books Q/FBx
Treasurers abstracts of account Q/FA
Committees on county expenditure Q/FC
County rates (valuation lists)
Treasurer's militia bills Q/FRm
Militia account books Q/FBm

Enrolled and deposited records
Deeds of bargain and sale Q/RD
Register of slaughter houses Q/RLs
Officers appointments Q/ROm
Victuallers licensing records, registers Q/RLv
& recognizances of alehouse keepers
Memorials of annuities Q/RPa
Oaths and declarations Q/RRo
Land Tax Assessments Q/RPL
Registers of papist estates Q/RRp
Charitable donations Q/RSd
Friendly Societies Q/RSf
Savings banks Q/RSb
Gamekeepers deputations Q/RSg
Freemasons Q/RSm
Printing presses Q/RSp
Vagrancy passes and examinations Q/RSv
Game certificates Q/RTg
Public utilities (Acts & Orders) Q/RUa
Turnpike trusts (accounts) Q/RUt
Inrolment books Q/RX
(including Inclosure Awards)

Court records
Agenda Papers Q/A
Calenders of Prisoners Q/SC
Justice's case books Q/JC
Minute Books Q/SM
Order Books Q/SO
Returns of Jurors Q/J
Jury Books JB
Lists of magistrates Q/M
(incl JPs, coroners, bailiffs, high constables)

Returns of dissenting places of worship Q/W
Administration of Weights and Measures Q/WM
Accounts of insolvent debtors Q/DA
Repair of bridges incl plans Q/AB
Administration of County Gaol Q/AG
Constabulary police committee Q/AP
Committees of Quarter Sessions Q/CM
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