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Ref NoD-X 1174/1
Title'The Children's Journal'
DescriptionThis was written by Georgiana Caroline Grenfell (née Lascelles; 1826-1911) for her children. In diary form, it is at first written as though by the children collectively; relationships given (e.g. uncle, aunt) are as they apply to the children. In 1870 it becomes her personal journal with shorter entries. It contains watercolours and sketches by the children and newspaper cuttings, mostly about the sporting and political achievements of William Henry Grenfell, Lord Desborough (1855-1945). Also included are photographs, mostly of family members, though there are some public figures with whom the family were acquainted. A list of the photographs is given in Appendix 1 and family trees of the Grenfells and Lascelles in Appendix 3.

List of photographs in the Journal
[If there is no indication as to the identity of the person or place, no entry has been made.]

All family titles (aunt, cousin, etc.) are in relation to the children.
The letters A-H refer to the appropriate pedigree (see catalogue of D-X 1174 on searchroom shelves).

1 Taplow Court }
2 William Henry Grenfell }
Caroline Georgiana [known as Lina] }
Claud George }
Charles Molyneux } See A
Constance Isabella }
Algernon Granville }
Their mother [Georgiana Caroline] }
Their father [Charles William Grenfell] }
2v Penmaenmawr
3 Foel-lys Plas Rhyffryn; Nant-y-Glyn Dwgyfyllchi
3v Aber; Beaumaris Castle and Baron Hill
4 Nant Francon; Snowdon from Capel Curig; Llanberis Pass
4v Caernarvon Castle
5 The Bishop of Oxford [Samuel Wilberforce]
Mr and Mrs [W.E.] Gladstone
Conway Castle; Great Ormes Head
5v Conway Castle
6 Uncle Henry [Henry Riversdale Grenfell, see F]
Cousin Sefton [William Philip Molyneux, 4th Earl of Sefton, see F]
Cousin Roger [Roger Gordon Molyneux, see F]
Arthur Grenfell at Ray Lodge [son of Pascoe St Leger, see D]
Marie Serocold [née Grenfell, another branch of the family, see family tree D/11/1/3]
Isabel Grenfell [probably Blanche Isabel, sister of Marie]
Mrs Rummer
Sissie Drummond
7 Ray Lodge
Arthur [Walrond, see E]
Charlotte Walrond and Theodora, [see E]
Henry and Rivy [Theodore Riversdale & Seymour Henry Walrond, see E]
Uncle Riv [Riversdale William, see E]
Georgy Müller, Ada and Mowie [see E for Müllers]
Lizzie Grenfell and Riversdale [see E]
Seymour Grenfell [Charles Seymour, see E]
Aunt Netty, Algy and Katie [Lady Chesham, Algernon and Katherine, see H]
8 Freddy Warre and Lina [2 photos, see D for Warre]
Aunt Emma, married 8 August 1865 [Emma Cavendish née Lascelles, see G]
Mr Newton
Lina in her bathing dress
Uncle Henry
Queen Emma of the Sandwich Islands [met at a meeting 5 Sept 1865]
The Bishop of Oxford [Wilberforce]
Latimer, August 1865 [seat of the Cheshams]
8v Evelyn Bruce
C.P. Grenfell [Charles Pascoe Grenfell, see F]
Lina in the porch at Taplow [now D/X 1174/2/1]
Caroline and probably Charles with elderly lady [3 photos; lady, either Aunt Sutherland or Aunt 'Mouche', see G]
9 Mrs Glyn (Aunt Marianne) and Alice [Marianne Glyn née Grenfell and her daughter, see D]
Lady Sidney Godolphin Osborne (Aunt Emily) see D
Emily Godolphin Osborne [daughter of above]
Mrs Bird (Aunt Eli) [Henrietta Maria Jane Bird née Grenfell, see D]
Miss Grenfell (Aunt Georgiana) [see D]
Mrs Warre (Aunt Carry) and Mrs Froude [Caroline Temple and
Charlotte Maria, see D]
Maidenhead Lock; Maidenhead Bridge, Cookham Bridge
Cliveden [Residence of the Sutherlands see G and later of the Westminsters, see H
10 Cecilia Molyneux [daughter of 3rd Earl of Sefton, see F]
Grandpapa [Charles Pascoe Grenfell]
Aunt Louey [Louisa Henrietta Walrond née Grenfell, see F]
Uncle Fred [Col. Frederick Paget M.P., see F]
Aunt Dotty [probably Maria Georgiana Paget née Grenfell, see F].
Flora Ward
Uncle Henry
Mlle. Julie de Göler
11 Mr Froude [James Anthony Froude, historian, see D and entry in Dictionary of National Biography]
Lord Sidney G. Osborne [Rev. Sidney Godolphin Osborne, see D]
Rev. Charles Kingsley [author, see D and entry in D.N.B.]
Rose Kingsley [Rose Georgiana, daughter of above]
Lord Chesham [William George, 2nd Lord Chesham, see H]
Lady Chesham [Henrietta Frances née Lascelles, see H]
Hon. Katherine, Mary and Georgiana Cavendish [3 photos, daughters of above]
11v 2 watercolours of sea fronts, June 1866
12 Eastbourne, Beachy Head and Birling Gap [5 photographs]
12v Brighton
Aunt Sutherland [Harriet, Dowager Duchess of Sutherland, see G]
13 6 Photographs of the Grenfell children and probably their mother.
13v Cliveden
14 Cliveden [2 photos]; Bray Church; Bray Almshouses; Railway Bridge; Old Bridge.
14v Wilhelm Maximillian Müller [See E for Müllers]
15 Chatsworth [2 photographs; seat of the Dukes of Devonshire]
St Pauls Brighton
[Pencil picture originally stuck here is now D/X 1174/2/2]
Group photo [4 of the children with elderly lady]
15v Georgiana and Edwin Cavendish [children of Lord Chesham, see H]
Bishop of Oxford
The Dowager Duchess of Sutherland
16 Wilton Church [2 photographs]
Watercolour of Fonthill Gifford
16v Rev. W. Carter
Harrow Churchyard
17 2 children [probably William Henry and Caroline]
The Porch 1868 [group photograph]
Boyne Hill
17v Lady Caroline Lascelles [see G]
Group [the 4 boys with elderly lady]
Mademoiselle Bourgeois and Lina
18v Ecclesbourne [Watercolour and 4 photos; one is now D/X 1174/2/7]
20 Pencil sketch of Chesham Church from cottage hospital
21 Taplow Court
Caroline [2 photos, 1 probably with Constance]
Martha Swan, 1872
Latimer, 1871
22 Maud, 1870 [Maud Alethea Louisa Grenfell, see F now D-X 1174/2/11]
22v Woman and girl [probably Caroline and Constance]
23 Uncle Edwin [Edwin Lascelles, see G]
Elderly lady [Aunt Sutherland/Mouche]
Group photo on steps [of Latimer House]
25 Watercolour of Mr. Harry Bourkes Barge, Sept. 1872
Pencil sketch labelled "Algys birthday tea in Beeches 28 Aug 1872"
26 Harrow Cricket Team, 1873 [including William Henry]
26v Watercolour by Lina [probably Wemyss Castle]
29 Watercolour of country scene by Charles, August 1875
31 Pencil sketch of Dawlish, 5 March 1877
Ottery St. Mary [Constance confirmed there, 3 March 1877]
University Boat Race Crews 1877 [including William Henry]
32 Lady [possibly Constance]
34 Man in uniform [probably Charles, Lieut 10th Hussars, see also D-X 1174/3 f.11v]
36 Boat Race Crew, Oxford 1879 [William Henry was President]
39 Venice
39v Venice
39v-40 2 Watercolours of Italian Scenes
44 Watercolour of St Bride of Douglas, 28 Sept. 1882
47 Reculver Towers
Harry Pyle
48 W.H.G. and Bouncer [a horse]
C.M.G. and Brown Robin [Charles Molyneux and horse]
C.M.G. and Puzzle [Egyptian man]
Egyptian Army
51 Group in Tudor dress [Lackinge Old English Revels 26 August 1885, see also D-X 1174/3 f.11]
53v William Henry and his wife [Ethel Anne Priscilla née Fane, see B]
55-58v, 60 Pencil sketches and watercolours of Italian scenes [22 pictures]
61 The Wharf, Hedsor [Claud, Constance and Mrs Grenfell, see also D-X 1174/3 f.20]
Pencil sketch of Lade Place, 29 Sept. 1888
62 Family members in theatrical costume [2 photographs]
63v Young woman [probably Constance]
70 Pencil sketch of view from passage window, Kenyon House, Brincliffe, Sheffield, Sept. 1891
71 Madras, Jan '92 [Ethel "Ettie" Grenfell]
Mia and Puck [woman with dog]
71v Fulham Place [taken by F. Temple]
Pencil sketch of Seaforth on the Mersey from Waterloo
72v Two children [Julian Henry and probably Gerald William Grenfell, see B]
73 Con and Edward [Constance and her son Edward Arthur, see C]
75 Family group [William 'Ettie' and their children Julian, Gerald and Monica]
76 Soldiers on hillside [2 photographs]
76v Pencil sketch of view from Fulham Palace, 14 December 1896
Group [mostly Grenfells]
77 Pencil sketch of Woolbeding by Georgiana Grenfell, 1 Jan 1897
78 Buffalo Cart
78v Devonshire House, 1898 [group in costume]
William Henry Grenfell
C.G.G. and Dolly [Claud George and dog]
79 C.G.G. Verandah of Old Office 1898
Hut at farm and C.G.G.'s waggon
Group of officers on the Briton, 14 Jan 1899 [including Claud]
81 Pencil sketch 'Chester Square Sept. 1899 from Dining Room window where Claud wrote'
82 Pencil sketch of Lambeth, Oct 1899
3 children [Julian, Gerald and Monica Grenfell]
82v Maria's picnic, Summer 1900
Group [William, "Ettie", Julian, Gerald, Monica and Ivo]
86 Taplow Court, Feb 1903 taken by Charlie Meade [see A; picture of elderly lady]
89v Family members and pets, 1905 [11 photographs]
Ivo George Winfred Grenfell [newspaper cutting]
91 Group [William, 'Ettie' and their 5 children. An identical photograph is found in Julian Grenfell by N. Mosley]
The Hall Taplow Court
92v The Royal Naval College, Osborne, Isle of Wight
94 Boy in cadets uniform [possibly Edward Arthur Aylmer]
95 Sir Frank Lascelles [Frank Cavendish Lascelles, see G]
General The Rt. Hon. Lord Grenfell [Francis Wallace, lst baron Grenfell see D]
Physical Description1 volume of 98 folios
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